If you are looking for an easy formulas calculator where you can see the mathematical form and enter the data above each variable in simple manner don't look further.

There is no need to remember all the necessary formulas in your daily calculus and no answer is given in the dark without seeing its corresponding formula so you can always check.

The apps found in this web page point to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and cover various topics and can be used by university or high-school students, engineers, graduates or any one interested in formulas calculus.


Geometry, Algebra, Equation Resolution, Statistics 1 and 2 variables, Integration, Differentiation, Matrix, Series, Probability and Statistics , Fourier Series and Transform, Laplace Transform, Graphing Calculator, Vector Calculus etc.


Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Loan, Mortgage, Interest Rate Conversion...


Mechanics, Kinetics, Electricity, Optics, Thermal Physics, Thermodynamics...


Atomic Structure, Gas laws, Electro-Chemistry, Gas Laws, Kinetic Theory, Titration, Equilibrium, Thermo-Chemistry, Periodic Table, Titration, Solubility, Common Functional Groups, Anions and Cations...

The Science Formulas App encompasses the entire Math, Physics and Chemistry formulas.

For each app you can search your needed formula in the search bar by using keywords and
exchange data easily with your favorite social media app when your calculus is done.

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